A step ahead in sound

Strong from his experience since1987 with acoustics and factory technologies as applied to saxophone mouthpieces , BRANCHER ®-FRANCE is now presenting a new , exclusively professional , line of saxophones , with no concessions made .

Every saxophone includes all of the following innovations, worked on
to the finest details :

  • the Instruments are made using the finest brass which has a greater thickness . ( A special alto sax model is made of 85% copper)
  • the Tube and Bell are formed and soldered in the great handcrafted tradition .
  • The Keys are designed to be " hand friendly "and to give greater precision . >the Bell is larger for the Alto and Tenor .
  • 2 new Neck pieces are included with every instrument, offering improved acoustic performance by adjustments with extremely finely manufactured rings ( registered models ). Each neck offers a different musical orientation with the higher harmonics, the power and warmth of the sound, and the ease of articulation.
  • the Pads are of the best available quality (Chanu-France), facilitating a perfect air-tight adjustment.
  • The Pads are equipped with brand new, re-usable, brass Resonators with screws. They are manufactured in one piece with a cymbal form ("MaxCym" TM) and augment the resonance of the sound by 25% with the pads closed, and the overall power and projection of the sound with the keys open.

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The Saxophone BRANCHER ® France MODELS :
• Straight Soprano
• Curved Soprano
• Alto
• Alto made of 85% copper
• Tenor
• Baritone
are available in six
different finitions:

Unpolished brass, with keys polished
Gold lacquered
Sanded lacquer
Sanded lacquer "aged" look
Black lacquer body with silver or gold plated keys
Silver plated

Step up to a better sound, play a step ahead, let yourself be seduced by a new
BRANCHER ® -FRANCE saxophone !

All of these pieces are made in France.
The saxophones are embellished with a magnificent original hand-engraving "French Polynesian © " by Phil Beaudet , and are delivered in a hard flight case with all of the following deluxe BRANCHER ®-FRANCE accessories :

  • 2 neck pieces (or 3 for the straight soprano model)
  • 1 metal or ebonite mouthpiece with ligature
  • 1 neck strap or harness
  • 2 boxes of reeds Jazz and Classic-Opéra
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